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   Groupe Fargio-Rinaco is a plumbing, electrical and general contractor operating out of Montreal. The founder of the company, Johnny Farruggia, has been in the plumbing business since 1966 and has over 48 years of experience that has earned him an exclusive reputation in providing excellent quality work and expertise for all his clients. His work ethic and knowledge are valued highly by architects, engineers, contractors and all other professionals with whom he does business. His son, Joe Farruggia, has been working closely with him for over 20 years and in result has developed his own reputation of being one of the most knowledgable and reliable plumbing experts in the business. In April 2011 Johnny and Joe merged their company, formerly known as Fargio Plomberie Chauffage, with an up and coming Electrical company, Rinaco Electriques. The owners and founders of Rinaco Electriques, Sandro Monaco and Steve Rinaldi, are childhood friends with over 20 years of experience in Electrical work. The merger was a perfect match as both companies combined their resources and expertise to form Fargio-Rinaco Plomberie Electricite Inc., also known as Groupe Fargio-Rinaco. Since then clients and sales have increased with great consistency as all who come into contact with Groupe Fargio-Rinaco come away impressed with the service given by all departments within the company. In June of 2013 the company obtained their general contractor license to further tend to their clients needs. Groupe Fargio-Rinaco offers the greatest attention, management and organization to ensure complete success of all projects and as a result has garnered a reputation for being one of the leaders in their field in Montreal and surrounding areas.

     Groupe Fargio-Rinaco specialized team consists of professionals and technicians with extensive training in plumbing, gas, electricity, and project management. The quality and guarantee of work the company offers allows for clients to pursue their projects in renovation and new construction with great comfort. The management team emphasizes dedication and impeccable service for all customer's needs. Groupe Fargio-Rinaco has all the experience, skills and specialty resources to offer clients premium service in every field they are involved in.


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