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  • About Us

    Our specialized team consists of professionals with extensive training in plumbing, heating, electrical, and general contracting fields. With the quality and guarantee of our work, this allows our clients to pursue their projects in renovation and new construction. Read More
  • Plumbing

    • - Plumbing
    • - Hot Water
    • - Steam Heating Drain Cleaning
    • - Camera Inspection in color with DVD
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  • Electricity

    • - Renovation and new construction for residential homes and condos
    • - Renovation and new construction for commercial and office buildings
    • - Emergency lighting systems
    • - Fire alarm installations
    • - Landscape lighting systems
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  • General Contracting

    We can cater to any of your construction needs whether it be commercial or residential. at Group Fargio-Rinaco, We maintain a very high quality standard to ensure customer satisfaction on every project, from start for finish. Read More
  • Refrigeration/Hvac-R

    • - Professional and affordable work (residential-commercial-industrial)
    • - Refrigeration
    • - Air conditioning
    • - Ventilation
    • - Free estimation
    • - Satisfaction guaranteed
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The PLUMBING DIVISION offers optimum work in residential, commercial, industrial and individual sectors.


The ELECTRICAL DIVISION offers optimum work in commercial, retail, residential and industrial sectors.

General Contracting

Groupe Fargio-Rinaco is a fully licensed general contractor.


Introducing Refrigeration services provided by us.

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